• Clément OUDOT: project leader
  • Jonathan CLARKE

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If you need a professional service or support, please contact one of the companies listed on the following page.

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We are now using Github to host our code an manage issues.

Mailing lists

All mailing lists are available on

  • ltb-announce: Announcements about Ldap Tool Box (LTB) - low-volume
  • ltb-changes: A commit-list that receives all updates to the code and the wiki (website) for Ldap Tool Box (LTB)
  • ltb-dev: Development and project discussions about Ldap Tool Box (LTB)
  • ltb-users: General discussions and help for Ldap Tool Box (LTB) - Start here!

IRC channel

Join us on #ltb-project @freenode

Source repository

Current code is hosted on Github

Old repository is accessible here: