Check LMDB Usage


This plugin checks percent of pages used and pages free in an LMDB database.

For example:

$ perl -H /var/lib/ldap/ -w 3 -c 1 -r
OK - 66% pages used / 16% pages free

With performance data, it allows to create graph to follow evolution of this indicator.


Required Perl modules:

  • Getopt::Std
  • File::Basename

You also require the mdb_stat utility.


$ perl -H <db_home> [-S <mdb_stat>] [-h] [-v] [-V]

Mandatory Options

  • -H: Home of MDB files
  • -w: Warning threshold in percent
  • -c: Critical threshold in percent

Other options

  • -S: Path to mdb_stat utility
  • -v: Verbose
  • -V: Print version and exit
  • -h: Print help and exit
  • -f: Performance data
  • -r: Reverse mode, use warning and critical levels for free pages instead of used pages


This plugin, along with all other Nagios plugins from this site, can be downloaded in a single archive.