LTB project provides 7 RPMs:

  • BerkeleyDB
  • OpenLDAP
  • OpenLDAP contributed overlays
  • Check password policy module - check_password (deprecated)
  • Password policy module - ppm
  • Overlay explockout
  • OpenLDAP debuginfo

We try to keep package up to date with the latest OpenLDAP version.

Our RPMs includes:

  • SSL/TLS with OpenSSL
  • SASL (including SASL passwords)
  • All overlays
  • HDB/BDB backend
  • MDB backend
  • LDAP backend
  • META backend
  • SOCK backend
  • SLAPI support
  • CRYPT password
  • TCP wrappers
  • Logrotate script
  • Preconfigured DB_CONFIG
  • MDB utils
  • Schema expose (SLAP_SCHEMA_EXPOSE)
  • ARGON2, SHA2 and PBKDF2 password schemes
  • Contributed overlays:
    • lastbind
    • smbk5pwd (without Heimdal Kerberos support)
    • autogroup
    • nssov
    • noosrch

The installation is done under /usr/local, in order to avoid conflicts with existing OpenLDAP installation. In particular, we do not touch the ldap system libraries, which are linked in by many other programs.


Yum repository

Yum repositories are available for this release versions ($releasever):
  • 5/5Server (deprecated)
  • 6/6Server (deprecated since 2.4.52)
  • 7/7Server
  • 8/8Server

Configure the yum repository :

# vi /etc/yum.repos.d/ltb-project.repo
name=LTB project packages

Then update:

# yum update

The public key can be downloaded here:

To import this key:

# rpm --import

You are now ready to install:

# yum install openldap-ltb

Manual download

You can download the RPMs here: Download.

The public key can be downloaded here:

To import this key:

# rpm --import

Just run this command to install them (with dependency management):

# yum localinstall berkeleydb-ltb* openldap-ltb*

Rebuild RPMs

You can download the source rpm to build your own OpenLDAP RPMs.

Install source RPMs:

# rpm -Uvh openldap-ltb-VERSION.src.rpm

Do your job and rebuild RPMs:

# cd /usr/src/rpm
# rpmbuild -ba SPECS/openldap-ltb.spec