Configuration file: self-service-password/conf/


reCAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA service provided by Google.

reCAPTCHA require an internet connection bewteen the server hosting Self Service Password and Google.

Google provide a PHP library and an API that will validate the CAPTCHA, see reCAPTCHA website to know more.

The reCAPTCHA is used on every form in Self Service Password (password change, token, questions, etc.)



Set this to activate reCAPTCHA feature:

$use_recaptcha = true;

API keys

You need to get your own API keys from reCAPTCHA website. Then configure them in SSP:

$recaptcha_publickey = "xxxx";
$recaptcha_privatekey = "xxxx";


You can customize theme (see, known values are red, white, blackglass and clean:

$recaptcha_theme = "white";


By default, if your web server is using HTTPS, SSL will be activated for reCaptcha. In case of reverse proxies, you can force SSL on reCaptcha even if the web server hosting SSP only do HTTP:

$recaptcha_ssl = true;