Post Hook configuration

You can write a script that will be called it the password was changed. This allow for example to update a file or a database on password change.

This script must be executable by the user running Apache. It will take 3 arguments:

  • $login : the user login
  • $newpassword : the new password
  • $oldpassword : the old password
The old password is only provided on standard password change, not on password reset

To declare this script, use:

$posthook = "/usr/share/self-service-password/";

Here is an example of a simple posthook script:

echo `date` >> /tmp/posthook.log
echo "$LOGIN / $NEWPASSWORD / $OLDPASSWORD" >> /tmp/posthook.log
This script is an example, do use not it in production: passwords should never be put in logs. Write your own script to propagate the password in a safe place