Configuration file: white-pages/conf/

To configure how LDAP attributes are displayed or searched, use the $attributes_map parameter which is an array of arrays, with this structure:

  • $attributes_map:
    • item: item identifier
      • attribute: name of LDAP attribute, in lower case
      • faclass: name of Font Awesome icon class
      • type: type of attribute (see below)

The following table shows how type are used:

Type Display Search
text Simple text Text input
mailto Link mailto Text input
dn_link Link on target entry Text input
boolean “Yes” or “No” Select
date Formatted date Calendar (“from” and “to”)


$attributes_map = array(
    'businesscategory' => array( 'attribute' => 'businesscategory', 'faclass' => 'briefcase', 'type' => 'text' ),
    'carlicense' => array( 'attribute' => 'carlicense', 'faclass' => 'car', 'type' => 'text' ),
    'created' => array( 'attribute' => 'createtimestamp', 'faclass' => 'clock-o', 'type' => 'date' ),

To add a new definition to existing ones:

$attributes_map['fax'] = array( 'attribute' => 'facsimiletelephonenumber', 'faclass' => 'fax', 'type' => 'text' );
You can translate attribute label by defining the label_item messages in custom lang file, for example:
$messages["label_fax"] = "Fax";
Don't forget to put your LDAP attribute in lower case !