General parameters

Configuration file: white-pages/conf/



Lang is selected from browser configuration. If no matching language is found, the default language is used.

Available languages are:

  • English (en)
  • French (fr)

Set one of them in $lang:

$lang = "en";
Messages are translated in white-pages/lang/ files, but you can define new messages or override some messages by creating a white-pages/conf/ file.


If you use the date value displayer, you can configure here date specifiers (see strftime reference):

$date_specifiers = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S (%Z)";


You change the default logo with your own. Set the path to your logo in $logo:

$logo = "images/ltb-logo.png";


You change the background image with your own. Set the path to image in $background_image:

$background_image = "images/unsplash-space.jpeg";

Default photo

Configure which file is used as default photo:

$default_photo = "images/240px-PICA.jpg";

Hover effect

You can define which Hover effect is applied to search result and gallery boxes:

$hover_effect = "grow";

Custom CSS

To easily customize CSS, you can use a separate CSS file:

$custom_css = "css/custom.css";


You can turn on debug mode with $debug:

$debug = true;


You need to define where Smarty is installed:

define("SMARTY", "/usr/share/php/smarty3/Smarty.class.php");