Quick search

Configuration file: white-pages/conf/config.inc.php

The quick search feature allows to search on multiple attributes (attribute1 or attribute2 or …) with a substring match (attribute=*query*). The quick search input is located in menu bar.


Enable or disable this feature:

$use_quick_search = true;

Search filter

Define on which LDAP attributes the search will be done:

$quick_search_attributes = array('uid', 'cn', 'mail');
With this example, the search filter for query test will be (|(uid=*test*)(cn=*test*)(mail=*test*))

Display results

List which items are shown in result box:

$search_result_items = array('mail', 'phone', 'mobile');
The items identifiers are those defined in attributes map

Set which item is used as result box title:

$search_result_title = "fullname";

Set on which item results are sorted:

$search_result_sortby = "lastname";

Display or not undefined values:

$search_result_show_undefined = true;

Define bootstrap column class:

$search_result_bootstrap_column_class = "col-md-4";

Truncate values to fit in result box:

$search_result_truncate_value_after = "20";