Directory menu

Configuration file: use White-Pages' local configuration file

The directory feature list all results in a table form.

The directory is displayed in menu.


Enable or disable this feature:

$use_directory = true;


List which items are shown in result table:

$directory_items = array('firstname', 'lastname', 'mail', 'organization');

List which items are clickable in result table (can also be a boolean value):

// Other possible values :
// true if you want the whole row clickable ; 
// false do the same and hide the button in the first column.
$directory_linkto = array('firstname', 'lastname');

Set on which item results are sorted:

$directory_sortby = "lastname";

Display or not undefined values:

$directory_show_undefined = false;

Truncate values to fit in result table:

$directory_truncate_value_after = 30;