Advanced search

Configuration file: use White-Pages' local configuration file

The advanced search feature allows to search on multiple attributes (attribute1 and attribute2 and …) with a substring matching (default), an exact matching (through checkboxes) and an ordering matching (for dates).

The advanced search button is displayed in menu.


Enable or disable this feature:

$use_advanced_search = true;


List items that are available in search form:

$advanced_search_criteria = array('firstname', 'lastname', 'mail', 'title', 'businesscategory', 'employeetype', 'created', 'modified');
The search input look is linked to the item type, see Attributes

You can display radio buttons to choose which objects are searched. By default, search is done on users:

$advanded_search_display_search_objects = true;

If you search on groups, criteria are the same than for users.