Configuration file: use White-Pages' local configuration file

To configure how LDAP attributes are displayed or searched, use the $attributes_map parameter which is an array of arrays, with this structure:

  • $attributes_map:
    • item: item identifier
      • attribute: name of LDAP attribute, in lower case
      • faclass: name of Font Awesome icon class
      • type: type of attribute (see below)

The following table shows how type are used:

Type Display Search Substring matching
text Simple text Text input Yes
mailto Link mailto Text input Yes
dn_link Link on user entry Text input No
group_dn_link Link on group entry Text input No
usergroup_dn_link Link on user or group entry Text input No
boolean “Yes” or “No” Select N/A
date Formatted date Calendar (“from” and “to”) N/A
tel Link tel (click to call) Text input Yes
guid Simple text (objectGUID converted to string) Text input No
list Simple text Select Yes


$attributes_map = array(
    'businesscategory' => array( 'attribute' => 'businesscategory', 'faclass' => 'briefcase', 'type' => 'text' ),
    'carlicense' => array( 'attribute' => 'carlicense', 'faclass' => 'car', 'type' => 'text' ),
    'created' => array( 'attribute' => 'createtimestamp', 'faclass' => 'clock-o', 'type' => 'date' ),
    'manager' => array( 'attribute' => 'manager', 'faclass' => 'user-circle-o', 'type' => 'dn_link' ),
    'member' => array( 'attribute' => 'member', 'faclass' => 'user', 'type' => 'usergroup_dn_link' ),
$attributes_list = array(
    'organizationalunit' => array('base'=>'ou=services,dc=example,dc=com','filter'=>'(objectClass=organizationalUnit)','key'=>'description','value'=>'ou'),

To add a new definition to existing ones:

$attributes_map['fax'] = array( 'attribute' => 'facsimiletelephonenumber', 'faclass' => 'fax', 'type' => 'text' );

To manage a list, you need to define how keys and values are searched in LDAP directory, for example:

$attributes_map['organizationalunit]' = array( 'attribute' => 'ou', 'faclass' => 'building-o', 'type' => 'list' );
$attributes_list['organizationalunit'] = array('base'=>'ou=services,dc=example,dc=com', 'filter'=>'(objectClass=organizationalUnit)', 'key'=>'description', 'value'=>'ou');

The attribute set in key will be used as select key, and the attribute set in value will be used as select value.

You can translate attribute label by defining the label_item messages in custom lang file, for example:
$messages["label_fax"] = "Fax";
Don't forget to put your LDAP attribute in lower case !