Installation from tarball

Tarball can be downloaded from this page. Choose the file with the .tar.gz extension.

Uncompress and unarchive the tarball:

# tar zxvf ltb-project-white-pages-VERSION.tar.gz

Install it in /usr/local (or wherever you choose):

# mv ltb-project-white-pages-VERSION /usr/local/white-pages

Adapt ownership of Smarty cache repositories so Apache user can write into them. For example:

# chown apache:apache /usr/local/white-pages/cache
# chown apache:apache /usr/local/white-pages/templates_c

You should have installed these programs before running White Pages:

  • Apache or another web server
  • PHP (version 5.6 or higher)
  • PHP GD
  • Smarty (version 3)
To know how to configure Apache to run this application, see Apache configuration