Check LDAP entry presence


This Nagios plugin checks if a given entry is present in an LDAP directory.

It does a simple search with the entry DN as base value, and base as scope value.


Required Perl modules:

  • Net::LDAP

  • Getopt::Std

Edit the script to modify some default parameters:

  • timeout: time in second for LDAP connection timeout (default: 5)

  • version: LDAP version to use (default: 3)

Other parameters are set as script options (see below).


$ perl -H hostname [-p port] [-D binddn -W bindpw] -b dn

Mandatory Options


LDAP server hostname or IP, or LDAP URI


DN of the entry to check (base of the LDAP search)

Other options


LDAP server port (not working if LDAP URI is set in -H)


Bind DN


Bind password


This plugin, along with all other Nagios plugins from this site, can be downloaded in a single archive.