Check LDAP query


This Nagios plugin counts entries returned by an LDAP search.

You can configure base, filter and scope of the search.


Required Perl modules:


$ perl -H hostname [-p port] [-D binddn -P bindpw] -F filter -b base -s scope -m mode

Mandatory Options

-H LDAP server hostname or IP, or LDAP URI
-b Base of the LDAP search
-w Warning threshold
-c Critical threshold


  • lesser: error is returned if found value is inferior to warning or critical level
  • greater: error is returned if found value is superior to warning or critical level

Other options

-p LDAP server port (not working if LDAP URI is set in -H)
-D Bind DN
-P Bind password
-v Verbose
-V Print version and exit
-h Print help and exit
-f Performance data
-t Timeout
-F Filter of the LDAP search
-s Scope of the LDAP search


This plugin, along with all other Nagios plugins from this site, can be downloaded in a single archive.