Check LMDB Usage


This plugin checks percent of pages used and pages free in an LMDB database.

The calculation is based on this formula:

mdb_stat graphic

$$really\,used = \frac{ pages\,used - pages\,free}{max\,pages}$$

For example:

$ perl -H /usr/local/openldap/var/openldap-data -w 30 -c 20 -r
OK - 65% pages used / 34% pages free

With performance data, it allows to create graph to follow evolution of this indicator.


Required Perl modules:

You also require the mdb_stat utility.


$ perl -H <db_home> [-S <mdb_stat>] [-h] [-v] [-V]

Mandatory Options


Home of MDB files


Warning threshold in percent


Critical threshold in percent

Other options


Path to mdb_stat utility




Print version and exit


Print help and exit


Performance data


Reverse mode, use warning and critical levels for free pages instead of used pages


This plugin, along with all other Nagios plugins from this site, can be downloaded in a single archive.